Borinqueneer Photos


CO. A – Company A
HQ HQ CO – Headquarters & Headquarters Co.
HQ CO 1 BN – Headquarters Co. 1st Battalion
HQ CO 2 BN – Headquarters Co. 2nd Battalion
HQ CO 3 BN – Headquarters Co. 3rd Battalion
HVY MORTAR CO – Heavy Mortar Co.
HVY TANK CO – Heavy Tank Co.
MED CO – Medical Company
SVC CO – Service Company
WWII – World War II

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COL William H. Billings (Ret.) 65th Regimental Commander 1953-1954 (Deceased 1980)
George Bjotvedt (“Tnte. Jorge”) Co. A & S-2 of 1 Bn. 7/1952-5/1953, Bronze Star (Meritorious)
COL Rafael A. Blanco, MD. (Ret.) MEDICAL CO WWII, served for 42 yrs. (Deceased 1992)
Carlos M. Bonilla Co. L 4/1952-2/1953 (Deceased 8/11/2013)
Frank Bonilla HQ & HQ CO WWII, born in New York, NY, Deceased 2010
Luis Angel Boria Co. F 1950-1952
Blas Luis Bou Herrero Medical Co. 1952-1954 (Deceased 1988)
Charles Boyle HQ HQ CO-Operations & Intel Section 1950-1951, Silver Star, Bronze Star (Meritorious), Purple Heart
Jaime Braulio Flor Co. I 1951-1952 (Deceased 1/27/2012)
SFC German Bravo (Ret.) HQ HQ CO-Anti-Tank Bn. 1950-1951, served 20 yrs. (Deceased 2015)
Col. Andre W. Brewster (Ret.) Regimental Commander - Puerto Rico Regiment of Infantry 1/22/1914-10/1/1914 - West Point Graduate-1877, Medal of Honor recipient (Deceased 3/27/1942)
Brig. Gen. James A. Buchanan (Ret.) Regimental Commander, Porto Rican Regiment U.S. Volunteers – 2/20/1900-6/30/1901; Porto Rican Provisional Regiment of Infantry – 7/1/1901-9/24/1903; Deceased 5/18/1926
LTC Romeo “Rick” Bucknell (Ret). Co. A 1950-1952; 3 Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Soldier's Medal, 2 Purple Hearts; served for 29 yrs. (Deceased 03/15/2006)
Maj. Gen. William P. Burnham (Ret.) Regimental Commander, 10/2/1914 – 6/16/1917, Deceased 9/27/1930
Col. George L. Byroade (Ret.) Regimental Commander, 7/13/1931-7/6/1934 (Deceased 12/12/1935)
Edwin Caban Jr. Co. E 1951-1953 (6th Medical Depot), Bronze Star (Valor) (Deceased)
Victor Caban Roldan SVC CO 1952-1953 (Deceased 2012)
Charles D. Cabaniss Co. C 1951-1952, Bronze Star (Valor), Deceased 6/23/2016
SGT Ismael Calderon (Ret.) WWII & 1952, served for 27 yrs. (Deceased 2007)
CWO-2 Daniel Calderon Ayala (Ret.) Co I 1950-1952, Served 20 yrs.
CPL Aristides Cales Quiros HQ CO 3 BN WWII, Silver Star, Purple Heart (KIA 1/4/1945)
Francisco Camacho Ledesma Co. H 8/1950-10/1951, also served in WWII w/Quartermaster Co. 4397, Deceased 11/13/2016
Nicolas Cancel Figueroa Co. C 1951-1953
CSM Asuncion Candelario (Ret.) Co B 1951-1952, Served 30 yrs.
SSG Hector Capella (Ret.) S-2, 1952-53, served 1944-71 for 22 yrs.
Col. Gilberto Cardenas Lartigue (Ret.) MEDICAL CO 1950-1951, Served 29 yrs., Bronze Star (Meritorious Svc), Purple Heart
Felix Cardona Quiñones Co. B 1952-1954 (Deceased 2018)
Col. Don Carmichael (Ret.) Co. A & Co. B, 8/1952-1953, Served 27 years total, Bronze Star for Meritorious Svce
Jose Rivera Carrion Co. G 1951, Silver Star
Juan Carrion Febre Co. F 1952, Purple Heart
MSG Cruz Cartagena (Ret.) Co. B 9/1950-2/1951, Bronze Star (Valor), Purple Heart
Luz Maria Cartagena Co. G 1953-1954, Purple Heart
SFC Modesto Cartagena (Ret.) WWII & Co. C , 1950-51, Served 20 yrs., Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star (Deceased 3/2/2010)
SFC Juan A. Castillo (Ret.) Co. B, 1951; served for 20 yrs. (Deceased 8/6/2014 at age 103)
MSG Emilio Castro Rivera (Ret., USAF) Co. C & HQ HQ CO 1950-1951, Bronze Star (Valor), Purple Heart, served 1950-1974 (6 yrs Army plus Air Force)
Gen. Richard Cavazos (Ret.) Co. E, 1953, Distinguished Svce Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, served 33 yrs., first Hispanic 4-star General (Deceased 2017)
Jose Cestero Co. A 1951-1952
Harold Channer Co. C 65th Artillery 1955-1956
SFC Nicolas Chiclana Maldonado (Ret.) Co. B 1950-1951, Bronze Star, Served 1939-61 (Deceased 7/15/1999)
Rafael Chiesa Co. B 1951-1952, POW, Deceased 3/25/2016
Brig. Gen. Edward R. Chrisman Regimental Commander, Porto Rican Regiment of Infantry , 6/17/1917- 7/10/1918 and 4/1/1919-5/13/1919, West Point Graduate-1888, Silver Star, Deceased 1/15/1939
COL Harry H. Clark (Ret.) Medical Co. 1952-1953, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Served 35 yrs.
Col. Walter B. Clark (Ret.) Co. C 1952, Served 26 yrs. 1951-77, Silver Star, Purple Heart (Deceased 5/29/2010)
Col. Wilson P. Colberg (Ret.) Regimental Commander, 2/25/1945-3/8/1945; born in Cabo Rojo, PR (Deceased 6/12/1951)
MSG Jose Colon (Ret.) WWII, Korea-Co. B 1952-53, served 24 yrs 1937-61